13 Apr 2019


Who determines what's rational?

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03 Mar 2019

Karl Marx

There will be Hot Tears shed over Your Grave

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16 Feb 2019


Socialism - Until Death do us Part

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07 Dec 2018

The Corona Virus

It's Not the Government's Job to Protect You From Nature

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06 Dec 2018

Food Prices

The High Cost of Living

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20 Oct 2018


Hundreds of Millions Escape Abject Poverty

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20 Oct 2018

Go For Broke

Socialists Go For Broke

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15 Oct 2018

Cattle Farts

You'll eat Bread and Water

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01 Aug 2018

Fractional Reserve Banking

And a Run on the Bank

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01 Jul 2018


At the Point of a Gun

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