02 Sep 2019


Pragmatism or to Hell with Principles

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26 Aug 2019

Capitalism versus Altruism

Altruism: the Moral Code that supports Socialism

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26 Aug 2019

The Facts about Morality

Morality Grounded in Facts

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17 Aug 2019


Truth, Objectivity and Self-Interest

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24 Jun 2019

When a Cow Farts

When a cow farts in Saskatchewan, don’t you know it’s an emergency?

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23 Apr 2019

The Filthy Rich


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13 Apr 2019


Who determines what's rational?

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03 Mar 2019

Karl Marx

There will be Hot Tears shed over Your Grave

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16 Feb 2019


Socialism - Until Death do us Part

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07 Dec 2018

The Corona Virus

It's Not the Government's Job to Protect You From Nature

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