17Feb 2024


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I asked a group of three girls: Are you concerned about finding someone to love you, or concerned about finding someone you can love? Let’s name these girls Jill, Judy and Karen. Only Karen chose the latter – she was concerned about finding someone she could love.

YOUR PROBLEM: You don’t have direct control of your feelings. Feelings are an automatic response to your values. You do have direct control of your values – you can and should evaluate and re-evaluate your values. Are they based on reality? Are they rational? Are they worth pursuing? Are they in my long range self-interest?

YOUR CHARACTER: In my opinion it’s obvious that Karen has standards, has values. She puts her character, and that of any possible suitor, ahead of her feelings. She wants a man of character – a man worthy of her love. And when she finds the man she can love, romantic love will not be just an animal function as it will be for Jill and Judy – it will be spiritual as well – she’ll feel that it’s great to be alive and in this kind of world.

Just as man is a being of self-made wealth, so he is a being of self-made character. Check out my post – Click on the link – A 3 minute read.

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