16Dec 2023



     Prior to The Industrial Revolution, you were likely born on a subsistence farm and you lived and died on a subsistence farm. If you were born in a village and your father was a cobbler, then you were a cobbler, and you spent your life repairing shoes. And, oh, you couldn’t read this – you were illiterate. Today there are thousands of jobs that didn’t exist prior to The Industrial Revolution. In The West, home of the sanctity of the individual and The Industrial Revolution, you are free to choose or create any job or career you wish, even multiple careers in your lifetime.
     Besides your career there is another crucial value – love. Prior to The Enlightenment, and The Industrial Revolution you married who you were told to marry – so much for romantic love.
     If you’re interested in what made The Industrial Revolution possible, interested in the name of the man we are more beholden to than any other in world history, click on the link – a 3 minute read – Cheers.


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