16Feb 2019


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     Socialism is a form of statism.  It is characterized by state ownership of the means of production and a welfare state – the redistribution of wealth.

      Venezuela nationalized large portions of the oil industry – and production crashed.  They nationalized large portions of food production – and people are starving.  Venezuela is socialism run amuck.
     Along with the Federal New Democrats and organized labour in Canada, CUPE, The Canadian Union of Postal Workers and The Canadian Labour Congress have all voiced their opposition to the federal government’s decision to embrace opposition leader Juan Guaido.  If you can’t bring yourself to damn the socialist policies of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, it means you support socialist policies in spite of the fact that those policies have brought Venezuela to the brink of starvation.  It does not matter what destruction socialism brings to a country, the left will hang on to their altruistic dream of a socialist utopia – hang on to it until death do us part.

 Yaron Brook’s “Venezuela, Socialism & Why it Matters” is a must view.

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