15Dec 2015


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Q:  Haven't been to Sweden have you ?
A: Socialists love to hold up Sweden as an ideal socialist country.
Ironically, Sweden is an excellent example of capitalism versus
socialism. Prior to 1870, Sweden was the poorest country in Europe.
Then they adopted private property and free markets. Within
fifty years they became the richest country in Europe. Around 1960
they decided to adopt socialist policies. They began re-distributing
some of that capitalist created wealth and nationalizing industries.
The result was predictable – by the mid 90s Sweden was on the
verge of bankruptcy. They had little choice – they started undoing
a lot of their socialist policies – they cut taxes, reduced government
spending, cut regulations, privatized industries, reformed welfare
programs. And today Sweden is doing okay – it’s doing okay
because it’s more capitalist than most socialists think.

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