02Feb 2020


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Those people that believe inequality is a problem have a problem. They believe that economic activity is a zero-sum game. They believe that somebody’s gain is somebody else’s loss. If you bought one of J.K.Rowling’s books, your net worth went down by the value of the book. Hopefully you enjoyed the book and consider the cost as worth it – life is not all about money. But J.K.Rowling sold a lot of books. She became a billionaire – and the ineq...uality gap widened, big time.  Bill Gates made tens of billions by offering products that you and I were willing to buy.  We bought them because they were worth more to us than the price; otherwise we wouldn’t have bought them.  Economic activity is not a zero-sum game.  J.K.Rowling and Bill Gates get rich and you get richer in more ways than one.

 Don’t worry about the inequality gap or what other people have.  Your responsibility is to find something you really want to do and do it.  Get good at it and you will likely make enough money, but more importantly you’ll love it and you’ll have a lot of fun.


April Brown Egalitarianism must be argumentatively defended, not merely accepted for the aesthetics of the ethic. As an ethic it is in contradiction and absurd. No two men are equal to another, Sowell has a good quote saying he's not even equal to himself on different days to cement this point. Egalitarianism means the end of the division of labor and the subsequent collapse of civilization. If a goal is absurd it is logical that taking steps toward that goal also be deemed absurd.

Jordan Riley Zellweger Egalitarianism people, Wake up.

Bran Kern Actually 1st edition 1st prints of her philosophers stone in hardback could raise your net worth by 50K+

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