23Apr 2019

The Filthy Rich

Posted in Cronyism

Capitalism For Canada

      These people get money by using the power of government.  A man buys a piece of property and because his brother-in-law sits on city council, his property is rezoned as commercial and the value of his property magically triples - The solution is to eliminate zoning bylaws.  A businessman gets a government grant and his competitor does not - The solution is to eliminate corporate welfare. – Huge corporations are protected from foreign competition by import duties – The solution is to eliminate import duties.  And on and on.  The solution is to get the government out of the economy.


Ethan Campbell So remove the government from the economy but keep them around for keeping laws in place and doing things with other countries?

Capitalism For Canada Yes.  We need a government to protect us from criminals, to establish law courts to settle disputes and an armed forces to protect against foreign aggression.

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