29Dec 2019

Employer/Employee Relations

     “And you propose that private enterprise has our interest at hand? Like most people I’m a worker, not a business owner.”

     I propose that it is in the best interest of a businessman to make a profit. And what should he do in order to make a profit – should he treat his employees like crap? Should he leave you on your own or invest his time and money in training to make you a more valuable employee? Should he cut your salary or try to pay a little more than his competitors in order to retain his employees? Should he say that you don’t need good teeth to do your job or should he offer benefits such as a dental plan and a retirement savings plan – again in order to retain his employees? Should he belittle you or treat you with respect, as an equal? Should he play favorites or treat all employees fairly? Should he not care if you get hurt on the job or make sure you can do your job safely? Does he consider his employees nothing but a big pain in the ass or does he know they are his most important asset? Businessman that know their employees are their most important asset succeed; those that don’t go bankrupt.

     In short, there is no contradiction between the rational self-interests of the employer and the rational self-interests of the employee.

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