02Jan 2020

The Disabled under Capitalism

Posted in Capitalism

     In any given country, the percentage of the population that cannot support themselves operates in inverse ratio to the degree of economic freedom in that country.

     Those that just don’t feel like working should not be helped and thus incentivized to change their feelings.
     But there are some people who are unable to support themselves and they would have to be supported voluntarily. But there are two important attributes of capitalism that aid in this endeavor. First, people would have a lot more money for charitable causes. Second, and more importantly, as a percentage of the population there would be far fewer people that could not lead a productive, self-supporting life. In a free economy the job market is far more diverse; there are literally thousands of different kinds of jobs that simply don’t exist in a dictatorship – nor did they exist prior to the Industrial Revolution. It is this diversity in a capitalist economy that allows even severely handicapped people to find a productive job or career.
     And it’s vitally important that the physically disabled and mentally challenged support themselves to the degree possible. It gives them a sense of self-worth, a feeling of belonging, the chance to make friends, the chance to challenge themselves. They are on the road to real happiness – and that’s what it’s all about, disabled or not.

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